Love sign compatibility: Comparing Venus signs in Astrology

They love love and all its trappings and just want to create a cozy nest to share with someone special. Theirs is a very physical love, and they crave attention and reassurance. Date nights with them are lingering, private affairs —either drinks and food somewhere fancy or a cute-AF night in think string lights, blanket forts, and rom-coms.

Freedom and variety is their catnip and relationships can be tricky because the whole point IS to commit a wedge of time to one person partners will find themselves having to explain this to them. They can be fickle, change their minds rapidly, flirt with others, and so on. Curiosity is what motivates them. Emotions freak them out a bit, so their partners will feel that although they talk, like, constantly, they may be sticking to the surface over going deep into any one area On the plus side: Dates will be adventures followed by a chance to dissect and discuss them.

They make exciting partners and are never short of suitors because of their youthful, animated, and lively personalities , even if their lack of emotional intensity can make their other half feel a bit, well, lonely sometimes. The best bet is getting a partner who has an equally good social life of their own, and then everyone is happy. Venus in Cancers crave security, loyalty, and steadfastness. They adore indeed, demand romantic gestures, sentimental speeches, and as much PDA as you can give them.

They are perceptive and intuitive observers who can sniff out a secret from miles away and can tune in to the true even unconscious desires of those they care for. Dates will involve snuggling, cuddling, and long talks deep into the night about anything and everything. They are great company and make others feel truly understood and cared about. But once they do truly feel safe, no partner could be more dependable, loving, and understanding.


Nothing is more important to the Venus in Leo than love. Venus in Leo people are warmhearted, generous, and actually quite simple. Partners who are flighty, indifferent, distracted, or moody will soon discover this leads to massive sulking and subsequent fights. They need attention, appreciation, and passion, but in return, partners are rewarded with a person who wines, dines, and entertains them in the biggest ways. This wealth of knowledge they accumulate about their partners and their Virgo-ish perfectionism can lead them into nagging their S.

They also like everything to be harmonious, balanced, and idealized, which can come off as superficial or unrealistic because life is typically more complicated, messy, and unfair than they like having to deal with. You want a lover who is what they say they are, and who expresses their love towards you in a gentle, nurturing way. The best astrological match for a Venus in Cancer person is someone with Venus in a water sign, or a stable earth sign. Those with Venus in Leo are exuberant, demonstrative, affectionate and larger than life lovers, and are attracted to flamboyant, powerful, charismatic people.

When it comes to compatibility, astrology signals that the best matches for Venus in Leo people would be those with Venus in a fire sign or an air sign, but successful, ambitious, Venus in earth sign people also fit the bill. You approach love from a practical standpoint, and may well fall for someone who needs your help. The best partner for a Venus in Virgo person is another Venus in earth person or a Venus in water person, particularly the more sensitive types like Pisces and Cancer.

How about those with Venus in Libra? The best partners for Venus in Libra folk are Venus in earth sign people who keep the relationship grounded, although you tend to be attracted to dominant Venus in fire sign types. If you have Venus in Scorpio, your intense, dramatic, passionate approach to love both fascinates and terrifies others, and your charisma is potent indeed. When it comes to compatibility astrology, the best partners for Venus in Scorpio people are those with strong, stable Venus in earth positions, or sometimes fellow Venus in water sign people.

Venus in Sagittarius people are confident and easy going in their approach to love, but do seek exciting, spontaneous partners and are turned off by tradition and restraint. In matters of compatibility, astrology suggests that the best partners for Venus in Sagittarius are other Venus in fire signs people, although those with Venus in an air sign are good potential partners too.

The woman he chooses often reminds him of his mother, to some extent. Old-fashioned, gentle females appeal to this man. Leo The Venus in Leo individual loves adoration and attention. This person prefers the traditional courtship involving flowers, tons of romance and chivalry.

Compatibility of Aries Man and Virgo Woman

The Venus in Leo individual is generous when in love and enjoys giving gifts. A love affair with the Venus in Leo person can be dramatic, exciting and passionate. The person who has Venus in Leo expects complete devotion and loyalty from his or her partner. Venus in Leo men are attracted to sophisticated, classy women. He is likely to choose a partner based on good looks or popularity rather than compatibility.

The man who has Venus in Leo desires a woman who is passionate and expressive. A woman who is dramatic or regal is also particularly appealing to this man. Virgo Venus in Virgo suggests a modest nature.

The person who has Venus in Virgo is often naive when it comes to love and they rarely realize when someone is interested in him or her. This person keeps his or her feelings under tight reign and needs proof of love before expressing his or her feelings. The Venus in Virgo person is extremely attentive to the object of his or her affection and enjoys doing little things to make the partner feel special.

He or she also tends to be critical of the loved one. Generally, the more he or she criticizes a partner or tries to change the partner, the more he or she cares.

The male who has Venus in Virgo prefers a woman who is meticulous, well-organized and modest. The Venus in Virgo male is attracted to women who are shy and sweet and somewhat passive. He wants a woman who dresses conservatively and appears proper.

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Intelligence and good manners are also a turn on for the Venus in Virgo male. A woman who is attentive to his needs is especially appealing. Libra The person who has Venus in Libra enjoys intimacy and likes to spend a lot of alone time with the person he or she desires. Venus in Libra individuals are always interested in what their loved one has to say and tries hard to understand his or her partner. The Venus in Libra person truly knows how to turn on the charm when attempting to attract a prospective partner. Romance is important to the person who has Venus in Libra and he or she tends to enjoy candlelit dinners, flowers and cuddling in front of the fireplace.

The Venus in Libra male is attracted to women who are sophisticated, but not stuck-up or pretentious. He wants a woman with grace, charm and beauty. The man who has Venus in Libra is turned off by a woman who is rude, crude or loud.

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His type of woman is romantic and feminine. This male is fickle when it comes to relationships, however, and it may take him a long time to make up his mind about someone. Scorpio The person who has Venus in Scorpio tends to be jealous and possessive. He or she is secretive and quite mysterious.

Venus in Virgo

He or she is also extremely seductive and is aware of the powerful affect they have on other people. This person can be quite captivating and mesmerizing to a prospective mate.

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  • Venus in Scorpio men prefer women who are seductive and mysterious. He is attracted to women who are dynamic and powerful, rather than passive or weak-willed. The man who has Venus in Scorpio finds it difficult to respect a woman who lacks willpower and wants a woman who has a strong, forceful personality. Sexuality is extremely important to this man and he is likely to be attracted to a woman who exudes an animal magnetism or who has an overtly sexual appearance.

    A woman who refuses to be controlled or possessed by the Venus in Scorpio male is also particularly appealing.

    Love Sign Compatibility: Matches for Virgo

    Sagittarius Venus in Sagittarius people attract love by being care-free and sociable. This person can seem quite charming to a potential romantic partner, however, he or she has a tendency to be too blunt. The Venus in Sagittarius individual is adventurous when in love, constantly seeking new experiences to share with the object of his or her affection.

    He or she has a good sense of humor and likes to make the loved one laugh. Above all, the Venus in Sagittarius person requires his or her space and freedom in a relationship and is willing to grant the same in return. The man who has Venus in Sagittarius is attracted to women who have a sense of adventure. He wants a woman who is as fun-loving and care-free as he is. He is also attracted to outdoorsy and athletic types. Companionship is important to the man who has Venus in Sagittarius and any woman who wins his heart will become his best friend first.